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463 L Nets In Stock or Available On Just-in-Time Basis

Our lead times for supplying 463L nets are typically within a few weeks or less, depending upon the quantity required. If you require immediate assistance, please contact us now. If you would like more information on 463L pallets, please visit our 463l pallets website.

How Many 463L Nets Do We Need to Order?

Most users require one top net and two side nets per 463L pallet in flight. When properly loaded, the 463L pallets and 463L pallet nets will restrain up to 10,000 pounds of general cargo up to 96” high. The side nets attach to the D-rings of the 463L pallet and the top net attaches by hooks to the rings on the side nets. 463L pallet nets may be tightened using the adjustment points.

A complete 463 L Pallet Materials-Handling Support System typically includes:
  • One HCU 6/E 463L Pallet
  • One Top Net
  • Two Side Nets
  • 20’ Cargo Tie Downs (quantity dependent upon load dimensions & weight)
  • and possibly Tensioners and Chains (quantity dependent upon load dimensions & weight)
The 463L Material Handling System also includes accessories for the safe handling and storage of 463L pallets. Below are some of the most commonly purchased products by users of the 463 L Material Handling System. Please contact us using the form below if you would like more information on these products.

Additional products associated with the 463 L Material Handling System include:
  • Rubberized roller tine adapters to reduce damage to the pallets when in use on the ground.
  • 4” x 4” and 6” x 6” hollow plastic dunnage for supporting 463L pallets on the ground
  • 463 L net racks for proper storage of 463L nets that can become easily entangled
  • 463 L pallet stackers that hold 25 unused 463L pallets
  • 463 L plastic covers for keeping the pallets free from of dirt or grease
Please contact us with your questions about lead times or the 463 L nets using the form below. We reply to all inquiries within minutes if not hours during regular business hours. We look forward to serving you.
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C-17 planes carry 463L Pallets

463 L Pallets ride on C-17 planes

C-130 planes carry 463L Pallets

CH-47 helicopter carries 463L Pallets

463 L Pallets ride on C-130 planes