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463L Top Nets

NSN 1670-00-969-4103-CT
NSN: 1670-00-969-4103-CT Certified Slings 67: Top 463L Pallet Net Restraint HCU-15/C

The picture above depicts the larger of the two air cargo nets that comprise part of the 463L Material Handling System- the top net. As cited elsewhere on this website, each 463L Pallet requires three nets- one top net and two side nets. This three-net system gives loadmasters the ability to configure the safe loading and handling of air cargo while in flight.

When the United States Air Force set out to design the cargo nets for the 463L system, they made sure it would be durable enough (if properly cared for, inspected, etc) for 10+ years in the field. All of the air cargo nets we offer are produced out of mil spec nylon, sewn with heavy duty 207 mil spec nylon thread, and have Zinc 12 plated hardware. This allows nets to be used under a wide variety of conditions and temperatures over many years while remain safe.

Also, all 463L nets have quick snap hooks and adjusters, which allows for quick deployment and removal. We recommend all used consider purchasing 463L net racks for proper storage of the nets which can become tangled and difficult to handle if not stored properly. The net racks are design specifically to hang the top nets and side nets in way to allow for quick deployment and easy organization (no tangled messes).
463 Nets Repair Service
  • One key feature of the 463L air web cargo nets is that they can be easily repaired (by certified, qualified parties) to extend life in the field. If you are looking for a company that repairs or refurbishes used 463L nets, please click here.
The 463L Material Handling System includes accessories for the use, safe handling and storage of 463L pallets. Below are the most common item users of the 463 L Material Handling System request from us. Please click here if you would like more information on these products or regarding our military air cargo nets.

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C-130 planes carry 463L Pallets

C-17 planes carry 463L Pallets

CH-47 helicopter carries 463L Pallets

463 L Pallets ride on C-130 planes

463 L Pallets ride on C-17 planes