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463L Side Nets
463L Top Nets
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463L Nets

463L Nets

  • NSN 1670-00-969-4103-CT Certified Slings 67: Top 463L Pallet Net Restraint HCU-15/C
  • NSN 8145-01-486-2780-CT Certified Slings 67F: Side 463L Pallet Net Restraint HCU-7/E
  • NSN 1670-01-603-0034: Low Profile Net HCU-7A/E
What are your lead times?
  • Our 463L nets are typically in stock. For very large quantities, lead times can be 90 days or less, depending upon the quantity.
How many 463L nets are required per 463L pallet?
  • The USAF now requires all of their loads on 463L Pallets use one top and two side nets.
Do you supply 463L Pallets and other components of the 463L Material Handling System?

Yes, they include:
  • NSN 1670-00-820-4896 CT: 463L Air Cargo Pallet HCU-6/E
  • NSN 8145-01-486-2448: Cargo Top Net Rack, 76½” H x 77½” L x 49½” W
  • NSN 8145-01-486-2449: Cargo Side Net Rack, 76½”½ H x 189½” L x 49½” W
  • NSN 1670-00-725-1437: 20½” Long Cargo Tie Down CGU-1/B, 41842-10
  • NSN 8145-01-469-1010: Roller Assembly Tines- Rubber Nose, HSD RT-10-072RB
  • NSN 3990-01-477-5074: 463L Pallet Stacker Assembly 88.50½” x 108.5½”
  • NSN 1670-00-516-8405: Chain 108½” MIL-DTL-6458 Rev F, 45024-14C4
  • NSN 1670-01-599-2776: IAW MIL-DTL-25959H, Tiedown, Tensioner, Cargo, Aircraft CGU-8/A, 50096-10
  • NSN 1670-01-580-3069: (MB-1) Chain Tensioner MIL-DTL-25959 Rev F, 45024-15C4
  • NSN 1670-00-212-1149: (CGU-4/E) Chain Tensioner MIL-DTL-25959 Rev F
  • NSN 3990-00-930-1481: Box of 10 Plastic 463L Pallet Covers, Type I (112½”L x 90½”W x 96½”H)
  • 4" x 4" x and 6½” x 6½” x Square Hollow Plastic Dunnage (HPD)
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463 L Net Ring

463 L Net Hook

463 L Net Assembly

C-17 planes carry 463L Pallets

463 L Pallets ride on C-17 planes

C-130 planes carry 463L Pallets

CH-47 helicopter carries 463L Pallets

463 L Pallets ride on C-130 planes